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Excursions / blessed land ZHETYSU

Excursions / blessed land ZHETYSU

Excursions / blessed land ZHETYSU

Zhetysu - one of the incomparable pieces of Kazakh land, the ancient "golden cradle" of the Kazakh people.

This is an amazing place where for one day you can see all the landscapes that exist on the planet. Where white giant peaks towering opposite the huge pale yellow ocean of endless steppes. Where rugged mountain gorges with rivers and waterfalls close proximity to the drying up river beds of ancient rivers; icy mountain lakes - with cracked desert plains; Alpine meadows and cool - with dunes and hot sand. And it is not a fictional sci-fi movie, it is the land of Kazakhstan - namely, famous for its beauty Zhetysu 


Arrival in Almaty - the southern capital of Kazakhstan. Meeting at the Almaty International Airport. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation. Night in a hotel.



Breakfast in the hotel. Excursion "Grand tour of the southern capital" (6 hours):
Familiarity with the history of the southern capital of Kazakhstan, its past and present, the unique nature and a favorite vacation spot of the townspeople - all in one trip! The route begins with a tour of the center of the city, during which you will get acquainted with the history and development of the southern capital of Kazakhstan, its main attractions. You will visit the townspeople favorite Green Bazaar, where you can not resist buying, listening to the cries of vendors. This is a unique opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of the Asian market, its bright colors and smells, and, of course, its gambling trade. You can buy the famous oriental sweets, but do not forget to bargain ... Then the tour will continue in one of the oldest parks in the city – Panfilov Park, where you will see one of the most beautiful wooden structures in the world - Holy Ascension Cathedral, as well as the Memorial of Glory and Eternal Flame in memory of the fighters who fell for the freedom and independence of the country. After visiting the park you will continue acquaintance with the sport, cultural and business districts of the city and visit the Medeo, which is surrounded by the beautiful mountains and situated the most high skating rink in the world.

Then the tour continues on Mount Kok-Tobe, where you go up the winding mountain road. On this mountain situated the highest TV tower in the world (counting from the sea level), which is visible from anywhere in the city. The park Kok-Tobe you will lunch in the national restaurant where you can taste dishes of Kazakh cuisine. After lunch, you will have the opportunity to stroll along the winding paths of the park, admire the magnificent panorama of the city from the observation deck of a specially equipped, and visit the shop of national souvenirs. The tour ends with the descent from the top of a mountain in the center of the metropolis Almaty famous cable car ...

Return to the hotel. Night in the hotel.


DAY 3. Almaty region, Issyk lake

Breakfast in the hotel. Excursion "Issyk" (7 hours)

The excursion to one of the most beautiful Issyk Kul gorges runs along the path, where hundreds of years ago were caravans.
On the way you will get acquainted with the history and nature of this region, as well as c archaeological monuments of the Sak culture - burial mounds, burial grounds, where was found the famous Golden Man, "which has become the national symbol of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Also, you can visit the original farm complex - Ostrich Farm, where you can not only see African ostriches, but also tasting of dishes from ostrich meat and eggs. Then the tour route will take you to an altitude of 1756 meters above sea level, to the beautiful mountain lake Issyk, lying in the same valley. The lake was formed about 10 thousand years ago by colossal in scale landslide, the result of which was the formation of a natural dam height of about 300 meters. On the lake you can enjoy the indescribable beauty of the Issyk Gorge and turquoise surface of the water and hear the details of natural disasters in 1963. At the lake you will have a picnic and free time for outdoor recreation.
Return to the hotel. Night in the hotel.


DAY 4 Almaty region, Charyn Canyon

Breakfast in the hotel. Excursion "Charyn Canyon" (9:00)

Charyn Canyon - is one of the most unique natural objects, where under the influence of thousands of years of weathering of sedimentary rocks, the original form of relief adopted outlines isolated rocks, columns and towers. Time to the canyon is about 3 hours. On the way you will get acquainted with the history and nature of this amazing region, will learn a lot about the Kazakh people, their life and traditions, as well as lunch at a local cafe. Once you see Charyn canyon, you will forget immediately all a long way because the Canyon will amaze you with its beauty and splendor! You can admire the grand panorama of it, and then take a stroll through the maze of the Valley of Castles, surrounded by overhanging impregnable walls. Anyone who has ever been in Charyn canyon, falls in love with him forever!

Return to the hotel. Night in the hotel.


DAY 5. Almaty region Tamgaly tas on the Ili River.

Breakfast in the hotel. Excursion "Tamgaly tas on the Ili River" (7 hours)
Tamgaly tas - a mysterious place on the right bank of the Ili River, where a huge stone for many centuries looked to the sky images of Buddha, and on the black rocks, numerous petroglyphs and late Buddhist inscriptions, for the most prayerful sense. When and under what circumstances did these figures who were their author - not known: more than 150 years, scientists are trying to unravel the mystery of the origin of these mysterious images. The tour provides an excellent opportunity not only to see one of the unique monuments of the past, but also to get acquainted with the most beautiful natural landscapes Zhetysu. Along the way you will find a stop at Kapchagai - "artificial sea", is a favorite and the most visited in the Almaty region recreation area. On arrival in the tract Tamgaly tas, your guide will tell you many interesting things about this wonderful place, you can walk around the neighborhood, as well as on the opposite bank of the Ili River see the scenery in the style of medieval Kazakhstan, built for the filming of "Nomad".

Return to the hotel. Night in the hotel.



Breakfast in the hotel. Free time in Almaty.

You can visit the shopping center "Zangar", on the top floor which is a real "treasure trove" of souvenirs where you can buy traditional clothes and toys, souvenir yurt, national musical instruments, jewelry and other souvenirs. Trading house "Zangar" is surrounded by many shops, cafes, restaurants, boutiques, stretching on both sides of  "Arbat of Almaty". It is a pedestrian section of the street Zhibek Zholy what means "Silk Road", with comfortable benches and fountains. Here, a place chosen by professional and amateur artists offering their work, and the local television stations often filmed a variety of scenes from the life of citizens.

Return to the hotel. Liberation Room at 12:00 h. Transfer to the airport. Flight home.


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