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Of course, any time of the year is suitable for a tropical cruise. And if you are tired of the sky, draped in a gray veil, and you dream of a "gentle touch" of the sun rays, a tropical cruise is what you need. We suggest to consider several popular and not so popular points of the globe, where you can go on a cruise liner. So, 5 magical tropical places to choose from.


Hawaii has always been a popular holiday destination for residents of the west coast of America. Now Hawaii - one of the main places of tourist pilgrimage. You can fly to Hawaii by plane, board a boat to Honolulu and go around 4 more islands, or start in Mexico or British Columbia and go on a quiet trip across the Pacific Ocean. Cruises starting in Hawaii are usually scheduled for a week, if you are leaving the mainland - plan a 2-week vacation.


Caribbean cruise

Sun, islands, a variety of countries and cultures, a chance to see the ruins of ancient civilizations ... All this makes Caribbean cruises one of the most popular holiday destinations. To see the remains of ancient civilizations, choose a cruise covering Kotsumel in Mexico. Cruise on the Caribbean islands will take you to the islands of Barbados, Saint Lucia, Grenada. There is a noticeable English influence, and this is reflected in everything: left-hand traffic on the tracks, traditional English fives-of-the-clocks, cricket games on weekends. This is the result of the longstanding presence on the islands of the British aristocracy. By the way, cruises in the Caribbean are considered quite a prestigious occupation. Here they come to rest, including the most successful people on the planet.


Southern part of the Pacific Ocean

Have not you been to Tahiti?

Tahiti and other islands of French Polenesia are one of the most wonderful tropical places on Earth. Going there, you will enjoy the beaches of indescribable beauty, warm sunny days. And fragrant with all the tropical scents of the evening just created to admire the stars in the company of a loved one. Sharing these pluses with the Caribbean and Hawaii, Tahiti has an unrecoverable unique advantage: it is not as crowded as the aforementioned resorts. You can taste all the delights of the tropics in silence and tranquility.


Mexican Riviera - cities and resorts of the western coast of Mexico. The ocean, warm weather and sun all year round are three components of the success of this resort area. Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Ballarta are the most famous cities of the Riviera. Here you will be offered a lot of entertainment - from shore excursions and scuba diving to rafting and observation of wildlife. The best time to visit the Mexican Riviera is the time from November to April - the dry season. In the rest of the time, rains occasionally can go.




Nile (Egypt)

If you prefer river cruises along the Nile River! In addition to all the tropical delights, you get a chance to plunge into history. Cruise on the Nile - a great opportunity to see the ancient Egyptian temples and tombs. Traveling along the river, you will be transported back to the past - people living in houses made of mud and mud, treating the land with wooden hoes, like thousands of years ago ... And behind all of this you are observing sitting on a deckchair on the deck of a cruise ship.

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